Using CZSK as a Traffic Exchange

Quality Traffic exchanges are are hard to come by, autosurfing do not yield good results and pop under exchanges tent to put users off.

But banners and interstitial ads still tend to perform fairly well. With CZSK.EU when you share a shortened link with us you earn money every time it’s clicked on.

You can either save that up to cash out or you can exchange those credits to display your own ads shown to users when they click on other peoples short URL, full page displays or optimally positioned banners at the main area of the page meaning high levels of conversion!

1 forum post a day with a shortened URL that points to either your own site, affiliate program or other third party links could yield you thousands of free adverts a day (or a pretty healthy paycheque) within the year.

This kind of Exchange system is fairly limited, we also have regional targeting, and categories and all genres are welcome as long as it’s legal. It’s a service available to all, and you have to ask yourself, if you are posting a link, on facebook, twitter, forums or your own blog, isn’t it worth you getting something back simply for the post.

There is also a referral program where you can earn 20% of your referrals earnings for life! So building your down line has endless benefits.

CZSK.EU is designed to get adverts genuinely seen by real users, its about real money being earned from links, it’s about making a profit, not just boosting traffic. We provide you with real world statistics. Your success is our success.  

Published on: 10/14/21, 10:43 AM